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Think It . . . Create It!

Welcome to the “Think It . . . Create It!” website. I am Frank Smith, the creator of this training and your guide for an adventure in creating the life you desire!

The following quote was my Inspiration for this website . . .

“What if the whole time you’ve been here, reality has wanted to present you with the most wonderful experiences imaginable . . . And all this time, it’s just been waiting for you to perceive that?”


“You are the producer, director, actor and writer of your own drama. And because the script is being written as the play proceeds it can be rewritten at any time. You have complete control of what happens in your life once you realize this.”  —- Dolores Cannon

After reading this, I went about a process of research and discovery. I too wanted to “perceive” and “realize” this. My feeling is that if one human being has this ability, then it should be available to all of us. After all, we all have a neurology (the 5 senses) that can create and interpret the vibrations of vision, sound, feelings, smells and tastes. So in order to be “the producer, director, actor and writer of your own drama”, and “have complete control of what happens in your life,” you just need to fine tune the way you use your senses and of course, your imagination! This is how “Think It . . . Create It!” came to be. I created it using the same tools I teach in my course.

Here are some of my influences . . .

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What you will find is that “Think It . . . Create It,” represents an interesting and powerful combination of the teachings of Neville Goddard, Abraham Hicks and the science of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. You might even say, this is where science meets metaphysics. 

In my program I introduce the 7 core beliefs you need to embody if you want to master being a conscious creator. Then I teach you how to fine tune your senses in order to release resistance,  doubts and limiting beliefs. Finally, I will show you exactly how to ramp up your vibrations and creative powers by stacking anchors. (Anchors are triggers for bringing back resourceful states from your life.) I call this process creating a “Manifesting Mindset!” 
For more information please check out my services page.

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"This is a great class that will change your life. Frank opens the door to attracting great things to your life." - Don Powell

"I believe I will change my life! Frank, thank you for sharing your gift and insights about manifesting. I’m confident I could go home and implement your techniques immediately!" - Dr. Ralph Potter

"Frank Smith delivers practical lessons for experiencing a life that attracts the good you desire and deserve."


"I got quite a different take on Law of Attraction. This was a very practical guide with steps to achieve your goals.

Frank is very articulate. I thought I knew plenty about Law of Attraction but I needed to hear it again in a whole new way. He is very motivational." - Bonnie Saba​

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