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There are 3 parts to this. First, there is a logical structure . We create a goal oriented plan and there are check points along the way. It is very linear, systematic and "left brained."

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Next we focus on the power of the subconscious mind. This creates an intuitive "right brain" guidance system. I call it the "inner GPS."

The third part is all about identifying limiting beliefs, dissolving them and replacing them with positive, life affirming, supportive beliefs!

Even though there are 3 parts to this, in practice it becomes one integrated whole . . .


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"Whether you think
you can or you can't . . you're right!" -       Henry Ford

"All that we are is the
result of what we have
believed." - Buddha

Here is what others are saying . . .

"This is a great class that will change your life. Frank opens the door to attracting great things to your life." - Don Powell

"I believe I will change my life! Frank, thank you for sharing your gift and insights about manifesting. I’m confident I could go home and implement your techniques immediately!" - Dr. Ralph Potter

"Frank Smith delivers practical lessons for experiencing a life that attracts the good you desire and deserve."


"I got quite a different take on Law of Attraction. This was a very practical guide with steps to achieve your goals.

Frank is very articulate. I thought I knew plenty about Law of Attraction but I needed to hear it again in a whole new way. He is very motivational." - Bonnie Saba​

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